This program is YOUR journey towards FOOD FREEDOM.
And we get there... One Bite At A Time.
Live a life of freedom around food, weight, and your body without restricting, sacrificing, dieting, or feeling deprived.
Hi! I'm Sarah, and I can’t wait to share how I was able to “flip the switch” and change my mindset from restricting to allowing; from focusing on the wrong things (that led to guilt and shame) to focusing on the right ones that allowed me to see my health, my energy and my body in an entirely new way.

Inside this membership, I share it all and hold NOTHING back about how I helped myself cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship of trust and respect with my body that's changed everything in my life and in the lives of the clients I serve. I am so excited to share it all with YOU!

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Sarah has a gift for guiding her students. She shines a light on a multitude of paths that are available to travel and inspire
and support. She is extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of topics including health, wellness, nutrition, addiction issues, and more. She is insightful, genuinely supportive and caring, and honest enough to gently call out BS if she sees it.
I am so grateful for this program, the other participants, the energy of the combination, and the expansive offering of new things to think and learn and discover about myself and the world. I cannot even begin to describe depth of the internal changes I have experienced. And while I have just begun to pick my brain and heart and soul, I am well on my way to a
more fulfilling life journey. Truly.                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                      - Past Student
The One Bite At A Time (OBAAT) Membership
Join me inside the OBAAT Membership, where you'll be able to naturally and effortlessly change your mindset so that you never, ever even consider going on a diet again. You’ll learn how diets are designed to fail and how they keep us coming back (and feeling like WE failed); how to cultivate a deep relationship of trust and respect with yourself; strategies to curb cravings; easy recipes to tempt your taste buds while nourishing your body; how food "works" and secret 'hacks' to leverage its power; the “problem” of sugar (and how to enjoy it guilt- and shame-free!); ways to optimize your energy, and how to truly, deeply LOVE your life and the lifestyle you live every day.

Imagine what life would FEEL like if you:

  • Had boundless energy
  • Actually enjoyed cooking and eating food
  • Didn’t obsess over every calorie or counting points, fat grams or “macros”
  • Could eat out at a restaurant without the swirling thoughts around, “What should I order?”
  • Woke up every day feeling at HOME in your body
  • Felt proud of yourself and the choices you’ve made in your life 
  • Felt SANE (instead of shame) around food
  • Could feel confident in the kitchen
  • Could go to the beach or the pool or on vacation and feel comfortable in your bathing suit
  • Could stop worrying about what other people think and just… BE.
The Problem With Diets
You're successful in so many areas of your life, and yet when it comes to food, you feel like you’ve tried everything to get healthy and feel comfortable in your skin. But in a world that wants to keep you confused, knowing how to eat or what to eat or how to “be healthy” is... confusing.

So you struggle; and every Monday morning you tell yourself, “That’s IT!! Today, I’m going on a diet and I’m going to get healthy for once and for all!” and by Wednesday afternoon, you’re knee deep in Oreos and wondering how you will ever, ever figure this thing out (as you beat yourself up for never figuring it out). What you need is some momentum. And the way diet culture works is to leave you feeling so deprived that no matter how badly you want the outcome (to feel good in your body), you end up feeling worse. 

It’s the worst kind of rollercoaster—the kind that messes with your peace, your happiness, your metabolism and your health. Diets leave you feeling resentful of others who seemingly just get to eat normally and you’re left wondering, “What’s WRONG with me?”

Sarah Roberts

Certified Health Coach

How I Help
With over 20 years of cultivating a lifestyle that feels natural inside a body that feels like HOME, this membership combines the BEST of what I’ve learned personally and professionally and distills the stuff that actually WORKS; stuff that will help you achieve long-term habits and behaviors and create a lifestyle you LOVE.

It’s awesome. And I can’t wait for you to experience what life can feel like when we take the pressure off ourselves and live free! And remember, you're never left to your own devices. You’ve got an entire community of others in the same boat as well as access to me, as part of the program. We inspire, motivate and support one another through the ups and downs, no matter where on the path we find ourselves.

It's an honor to go on this journey with you. 

Next Round Begins in:

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Designed to Get
You Results
The content will build upon itself in a natural way, starting from wherever you are and taking you as far as you want to go. It's not about "battling through" every day. It's about cultivating a naturally effortless lifestyle you love every step of the way... no willpower required.

There will be opportunities for coaching and active participation as well as recipes, downloads, challenges, powerful conversations and more. This is not just about you coming in and learning a few 'neat tips'; this is about giving your health and your lifestyle a complete transformation and a whole new momentum. 

I mean, how many years do we get on this planet? I don’t know about you, but I don't want to waste precious time restricting, stressing, missing out and worrying. 

I want to spend the very short amount of time I have, LIVING. 
And to me, living is all about freedom. And I know you want that, too, or else you wouldn't have found your way here. 
Let's ditch diet culture and embrace food freedom together... one bite at a time.
Personal Coaching & Guidance
Every week, we will have a live Q&A where I will answer any questions you may have about your specific needs, or how to implement any of the training in the program. I will also be streaming other live events into the private membership area like cooking demonstrations and our signature MOVING CONVERSATIONS where you will get a chance to interact and ask questions, as well. And of course, you can always email me your questions or ask them in our private Facebook Group. 
What's In The Membership?

Phase 1

This is your entry point; the place to begin your journey towards greater health and energy. We’ll cover the basics, I’ll share a bit of how I came to be doing this work with you, and I’ll introduce you to the concepts that will start to create the shifts we need to keep going.

Recipes and Cooking Demos

Mouth-watering recipes (for all ages, budgets and eating styles) that I’ll be sharing from my kitchen that will leave you energized and ready-to-go!

Phase 2

We begin to see our bodies in a whole new way. It’s a paradigm shift, for sure, so we need to have the foundation of Phase 1 laid before we can take in this next level. Once we do, our lives will never be the same again – we will never again be able to see our bodies the way we once did. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

Nothing But The Best

Tips, strategies, tools and 'hacks' that will build your confidence and help you to find freedom along the way. These are all of the BEST things I've discovered over the last 2 decades of my health journey that have really moved the needle for me, and I know they will do the same for you.

Phase 3

We go deep into the issue of sugar, food, nutrition, and the 5 pillars of health. When we do this, everything changes. When we raise our awareness, we begin to effortlessly make the choices that promote our best health and energy.

Guest Experts

We'll have guest speakers of all different backgrounds join us LIVE in the group teaching only the BEST of what's worked for them, as well as giving plenty of time to answer any questions you may have about the topic.

Phase 4

This is where we go through my 12 week coaching program (that previously sold for $497!) and deepen our understanding around how we use food, how we spend our time, the dreams we have for our lives, and we cultivate strategies and leverage tools that will help us to never, ever go back to where we were. It’s awesome! And I can’t wait for you to experience it.


Get access to a private community of like-minded people on the same path. You will get to connect with each other at any time of day and share stories, inspiration, motivation, ask questions, and (if desired) receive accountability from the community.

Weekly Q&A

Every week, we will have a live Q&A where I will answer any questions you may have about your specific needs or how to implement any of the training in the membership.

And More!

We'll be adding elements like Moving Conversations, weekly features, special challenges, immersive experiences, weekend retreats, downloads, and much more as we grow this membership... together.
Your Teammates
Sarah Roberts
Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. When I got sober, I felt incredibly alone. And because I felt so much shame about both my addiction and my recovery, I kept myself small and quiet. It felt isolating to go through something so huge alone; without the support of a community who understood how I was feeling. 

I turned to sugar to soothe my emotions and quickly realized I'd simply transferred my addiction from one addictive substance to another. I was miserable! And I wanted freedom.

I went on to spend almost 20 years cultivating a deeper relationship with myself and my body, and I became a certified health coach in order to share what I’ve learned personally and professionally, with you.

Over the last few years, I’ve been able to articulate and embody a powerful mindset practice that’s allowed me to create a massive paradigm shift in the way I see my health and my body that has become the foundation of my work today. I love the way it’s helping my clients live with more joy and freedom around food and their bodies, and I know it will do the same for you.
Inside the One Bite At A Time program, I share every single tip, hack and strategy that’s worked well for me, I show you how to recognize—and avoid—pitfalls along your journey, I share the exact system I use to have amazing energy, we’ll explore all sorts of cool tools and techniques for living well, and we are going to do it all and build this army... together. 

What my life- and business-partner, Roger, and I have created is meant to be a place where we can ALL feel like we belong; a place where we can come together to share the highs and lows, to become inspired by each others’ stories, to ask questions, to learn and to grow... together.

The way I see it, a health journey is a life journey! As long as we have life, we have health. And this membership will be something that you can grow with for as long as it’s useful in your life.

Uncomplicating our relationship with food and body image isn't easy. But ditching diet culture and finding food freedom is worth every effort. 

Let's work on it... together.

I am thrilled to welcome you... to the One Bite At A Time (OBAAT) Membership. 
Hi, I'm Roger. I've been living with Sarah since 2009 and while she's been "spoon-feeding" me a healthy lifestyle, it wasn't until a few years ago that I really started making the shift. 

You see, I grew up eating a lot of 'junk food'. I'd always had a taste for it, so when Sarah wanted me to eat healthier foods and meditate and exercise and drink all the water, I did it because it was her lifestyle and it was easily accessible to me. I intellectually knew it was a better way to live, but I didn't do it as a way to show my body love until I busted my toe. Let me explain...

I've always had a troubled relationship with my body. I missed out on a lot of fun in my life because I avoided any situation where I might have to take my shirt off; beaches, cottages, pool parties... I always 'hated' what I saw in the mirror. So when Sarah would talk about how amazing our bodies are and how we should love them, I could never quite get there. A few years ago, that all changed.
Roger Deveau
When we were getting ready to move across the country, I was lifting a heavy object in my office. I wasn't paying attention and it landed on my toe, crushing it. Blood immediately filled my sock and when I pulled it off to assess the damage, I felt the throbbing of blood rushing to the wound site and I felt an overwhelming sense of regret. I'd been careless and now my body had to come and do all this work to heal me. I could feel my body working hard to fix my mistake, and it got me thinking about all the hard work it does for me day in and day out, even when I'd do things to make its job harder.

Creating that separation that Sarah had always talked about between "me" and "my body" finally clicked and I've never been the same since. 

I now love my body and am happiest when I'm at the beach. I have more energy than ever before and live with a sense of freedom around food and my body that I could never have imagined. 

I see my body and its health as THE most important thing in my life and I no longer take it for granted. This doesn't mean I never eat sugar or processed food. I do! I mean, living in this crazy world makes it pretty tough to never, ever eat the stuff and I actually don't want anything to be "off limits", but I have eyes wide open about what that stuff does to my energy, my health, and my fitness. I am no longer controlled by my cravings, and I will never again feel guilt or shame around my food choices.

That's why I knew I had to join Sarah in the OBAAT program; to share my story and my experiences to show you that no matter where you are and no matter how it feels, you are never, ever alone, and there is a future where we can all live with our own sense of freedom.

Click Below To Begin Your Journey To Food Freedom! 
I can’t wait to teach you how I was able to “flip the switch” and change my mindset from restricting to allowing; from focusing on the wrong things (that led to guilt and shame) to focusing on the right ones that allowed me to see my health, my food and my body in an entirely new way. I share it all and hold nothing back about how I helped myself cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship of trust and respect with my body that has changed everything in my life and in the lives of the clients I serve.
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Do you only coach women?
Nope! I coach people with a human body and my programs are applicable to everyone. We are an inclusive group and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our spaces.
Do you only coach people in recovery or those who are looking to lose weight?
No. I coach all people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and who want to live with more freedom around food, sugar, weight and their body. Often, people who do my program have either quit drinking or want to quit drinking/cut down and/or lose weight, and I work with anyone who is contemplating making a health change, no matter how that looks for them. 
Is your program offered in person or online?
Online. You can live anywhere and access it!
What is your program about?
My program is essentially MY personal recovery program; the one I patch-worked together for myself 20+ years ago and all the way up to today! I share the best of what I've learned from the many teachers, coaches, experts and healers who have lit my path as well as the countless books I've read, documentaries I've watched, and research I've conducted (both primary and secondary) that's all complemented my education to become a
Certified Health Coach.
I believe in a holistic approach, so we don't isolate the physical from the mental and emotional; we work through exercises designed to help us integrate all aspects of ourselves and to heal in a way that allows us to move out of our past & future, and into the present; the only thing we ever have. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Who are you and what do you teach?
I'm Sarah! And I'm a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. I went from being a pack-a-day smoker, nightly drinker, and late-night binger to a woman who cares for--and about--herself in ways I truly never thought possible. I became a health coach to share my best practices--everything that worked really well for me in my life around mindset, fitness and food after I got sober 19+ years ago. Along with teaching my students the basics of nutrition, how to navigate the world of sugar, meal-planning 101, and cooking easy recipes together, we learn how to soothe our emotions without food and we go below the surface to understand ourselves and our behaviours better. We learn healthier ways to communicate, we learn to be more purposeful with our time, we learn to let things go, and we learn how to never, ever, ever go "on" or "off" a diet again. Ever. (Hint: because they work in the exact opposite way than we think they do!)
I've tried everything to lose weight. How is your program different?
The biggest difference with my program is that it's got nothing to do with dieting, restricting or sacrificing. It's all about learning to cultivate a relationship with our bodies. Caring for and nurturing our incredible, resilient, forgiving, capable, powerful bodies (and BRAINS!) is the most
loving thing we can do.
While it's not really about the food, but rather our mindset and behaviors around food, we certainly talk food all the way along because we reclaim our power and reconnect with our body's intuition when we fully understand food and the way it works in the body (and brain!). Doing so makes creating a healthy lifestyle so much easier! It allows us to start wherever we are and know that every single decision we make to nourish and nurture our bodies, counts. In my program, we work to arrive at a place where we feel a sense of love and reverence for our body.
How much does your membership cost?
Your investment is only $27 USD per month or a simple one-time payment of $197!
How much time each week should I set aside for this program? 
Plan for 30-60 mins to watch the training. As for the assignments, you'll find they vary widely from person to person and based on how deep you want to go/how much time you want to spend. So, it's completely individual to each student.
When are trainings available?
All of the trainings will be available immidiately inside your private member portal with more to be added ongoing.
Do you only coach people of a certain age?
No. I coach adults from age 18 to 118 (no offence to 119 year olds) 😉
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