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When I got sober, I wasn't prepared for the almost immediate sugar cravings that ensued. Because I lied about my sobriety, telling people I had quit drinking because I'd decided to "get healthy", I knew I'd have to figure out strategies to curb my cravings or else risk being "found out". I read voraciously on the subject of nutrition. I learned more about addiction and the role of pleasure centres in the brain. I uncovered the inextricable link between my food and my mood, and I learned how managing my stress, prioritizing my sleep and focusing on moving my body worked synergistically to create a lifestyle I no longer wanted to escape from. 

The next 16 years were about building a healthy relationship with myself, and I want to share what I've learned with you. Because what I've learned is that it's not about the food (although that IS part of it, and we DO go there); but rather, it's about what the food represents in our lives. 

Group coaching is a powerful way to be supported when you have made the decision to take your health and wellness to the next level. Being able to connect with others who understand takes the shame and stigma out of admitting we don't have it all figured out. 

I want you to celebrate your life and your health, and together we will help you to feel the kind of joy and freedom you deserve. 

I can't wait to get started!
What do you get?
  • Coaching Call: Weekly video where I share the weeks' lesson and tips, along with the homework that is designed to create real and long-lasting change in your life.
  • Weekly Live Q&A Session:​ Got Qs? I’ve got As! (You see me, but I can't see you. I come to you by video, you get to be in your PJs and type your Q's)
  • Weekly Emails: Each week, I will send you an email detailing your homework exercise with a re-cap of our coaching call. You get actionable steps for you to take that will influence your health journey. I will also provide any resources that will support your work (films, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.). 
  • Secret Facebook Group: You will be added to a secret Facebook group. Keeping it secret means that no one will know you are even doing this work with me. You can keep it to yourself, and no one can search or find the group. In this way, you can feel free to be as candid as you choose to be inside the group. The connections and support you will get from the other members will be worth the cost of the program alone.
  • Access to me! All the way along, I am here for you. Any day of the week, not just on coaching days, you can feel free to email or call me if you have questions or want to talk. I am here for you every step of the way. And, of course, I am always available in our secret group. I want to be someone you can rely on when you need support.
  • All of this for only $497! (Can be split into 2 payments) 
    I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, so I have made the price as accessible as I can. I know $497 is certainly an investment, but in 12 weeks, your life won't look the same! You won't feel the same. And you won't believe how easily everything just falls into place. Imagine the rest of your life with no more diets, with feeling healthier , happier and more free than you have in years...or ever! I want this for you. And I am confident I can help you get there.
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