common mistakes EVERYONE makes when trying to lose weight
(and the SIMPLE changes you can make to get RESULTS that last FOREVER!)
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Hi, I'm Sarah.
The Truth
The truth about dieting, and why they are destined to fail 97% of the time, and how to actually get results that last a lifetime!
The Secret
The secret to turning the "hard" habits (like drinking water, eating veggies and exercising) into easy buttons! SERIOUSLY. 
The solution
I will show you how to live a life of freedom around food so that you never need to go on a diet ever again!
I Can't Wait To Share This With You!
What will be different after learning this?
  • Feel GREAT by eating the foods you love and crave.
  • Get HEALTHY for LIFE without having to eat weird foods, buy expensive supplements or do crazy workouts.
  • Make a healthy lifestyle feel EFFORTLESS.
  • ​Make healthy meals that taste like COMFORT FOOD!
  • ​Learn to make peace with your body, find food freedom and break free from diet culture FOREVER.
  • ​Live your BEST life (and have boundless energy) without EVER restricting, sacrificing, depriving, or dieting.
  • ​Finally be FREE from food and live life on YOUR terms!
Sarah Roberts
When I got sober, I wasn't prepared for the almost immediate sugar cravings that ensued. It was as if I was playing “whack-a-mole”, where I'd kick one addiction just to have another one pop up. 

I’d been lying to people about my sobriety-- telling them the reason I didn’t drink was because I was a ‘health nut' , so I knew I'd have to figure out strategies to curb my cravings or else risk being "found out". 

I read voraciously on the subject of nutrition, learned more about addiction, addiction transfer, dopamine, and the role of pleasure centers in the brain and I uncovered the inextricable link between my food and my mood. I learned how managing my stress, prioritizing my sleep, and focusing on moving my body worked synergistically with a healthy diet to create a lifestyle I no longer wanted to escape from and I began to view my body as a human-animal that needed my care, my respect, my love, and my attention.

I’ve spent 20 years building a healthy relationship with myself, and I became a certified health coach in order to share everything I've learned with YOU. Because what I've really uncovered is that it's not about the food (not really); but rather, it’s about the way we feel about ourselves that moves the needle when it comes to our health. 

Let’s ditch diet culture and find food freedom… together. I can't wait to get started!

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