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Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to Sarah Roberts and her 12 week One Bite At A Time (OBAAT) course. Very simply, the course was an awakening for me. Going in, I expected the next in a long line of "fixes" for my ongoing addiction issues. I quickly discovered a very big difference. This was not a diet. This was not a set of rigid one-size-fits-all rules to follow or fail. Rather, it was a map to personal transformation, and a journey toward a fuller and more present life. By finding out the whys. By getting to the bottom of "it," and to make choices that serve me for my life NOW. I am not the person who began the course in September. I am now taking care of my body and mind because I am worth it. I have learned to let go of shame, envy and self-hate. I have learned strategies for handling my personal struggles. I am more curious and thankful. I am no longer on "auto-pilot." And being off added sugar (my choice!) has made me feel soooo healthy and calm.  
                                                                                                                                                        - Kris
Created by Sarah Roberts
Author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge
and TV Host of REALTalk With Sarah
  • This is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle.
  • This is NOT prescriptive. It is fluid, and it allows for your own interpretation based around YOUR  personal goals and values.
  • This is NOT about sacrifice, starvation and deprivation. It’s about treating your body with the kind of compassion that has the capacity to heal even the most dysfunctional relationship.
  • This is NOT about hating your body to good health….it’s about loving it there.
Let’s go back to the beginning; back to where things started to go off track. Maybe it was a traumatic event or an accident or a relationship that didn't give you what you needed. Maybe you've never, ever felt good enough. Maybe you've been hurt or betrayed or maybe you feel like you can just never get a break. 

Let's go back to the where it all started so that you can begin to heal your relationship with yourself.
You see, I don’t believe it’s about the food. Or the alcohol. Or the drugs. Or the shopping. Or the perfectionism. Not really. I believe it’s about the way we feel about ourselves and the way we’ve used things outside of ourselves to cope, to numb, to stuff down.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; if you are exhausted by your negative thoughts about your body and are simply fed up with hating the way you look and feel in your skin, then I am confident I can help you break free and find more joy inside your body and inside your life.

Because that’s what it’s all about…creating a life you don’t need to escape from.

Sarah has a gift for guiding her students. She shines a light on a multitude of paths that are available to travel and inspire
and support. She is extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of topics including health, wellness, nutrition, addiction issues, and more. She is insightful, genuinely supportive and caring, and honest enough to gently call out BS if she sees it.
I am so grateful for this program, the other participants, the energy of the combination, and the expansive offering of new things to think and learn and discover about myself and the world. I cannot even begin to describe depth of the internal changes I have experienced. And while I have just begun to pick my brain and heart and soul, I am well on my way to a
more fulfilling life journey. Truly.                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                      - Past Student
If you want to change your life, I believe it starts with the way you feel about yourself. It’s about uncovering your worth, challenging your beliefs , upholding your values and treating your body the way it deserves to be treated. With love. With kindness. With compassion. With grace. 

We have to start at the beginning, with the foundation, and then, we can build the whole house. 

And that is exactly what we are going to do in our 12 weeks together.

If you want a coach who will push you gently but firmly at the same time, then I am confident I can help you. And if I don't? If you go through the program and do the homework and really don't feel like it was the solution for you, I offer a 100% money back guarantee

So, what have you got to lose? Click the button below to learn more and save your spot for the next group, or we can set up a short call to see if we are a fit for one another. Let's get you on the path to living your life with greater joy, optimism, and freedom.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

What do you get?
  • Coaching Call: Weekly video where I share the weeks' lesson and tips, along with the homework that is designed to create real and long-lasting change in your life.
  • Weekly Live Q&A Session:​ Got Qs? I’ve got As! (You see me, but I can't see you. I come to you by video, you get to be in your PJs and type your Q's)
  • Weekly Emails: Each week, I will send you an email detailing your homework exercise with a re-cap of our coaching call. You get actionable steps for you to take that will influence your health journey. I will also provide any resources that will support your work (films, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.). 
  • Secret Facebook Group: You will be added to a secret Facebook group. Keeping it secret means that no one will know you are even doing this work with me. You can keep it to yourself, and no one can search or find the group. In this way, you can feel free to be as candid as you choose to be inside the group. The connections and support you will get from the other members will be worth the cost of the program alone.
  • Access to me! All the way along, I am here for you. Any day of the week, not just on coaching days, you can feel free to email or call me if you have questions or want to talk. I am here for you every step of the way. And, of course, I am always available in our secret group. I want to be someone you can rely on when you need support.
  • All of this for only $497! (Can be split into 2 payments) 
    I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, so I have made the price as accessible as I can. I know $497 is certainly an investment, but in 12 weeks, your life won't look the same! You won't feel the same. And you won't believe how easily everything just falls into place. Imagine the rest of your life with no more diets, with feeling healthier , happier and more free than you have in years...or ever! I want this for you. And I am confident I can help you get there.
12-Week Lesson videos only
One payment, lifetime access.
  • 12 Weekly Lessons
  • 12 Downloadable Assignments
  • 93 Healthy and Delicious Recipes
  •  Audio & Digital Copy of My Book 
12-Week Group Coaching
One payment, lifetime access.
  • 12 Weekly Lessons
  • 12 Downloadable Assignments
  • 93 Healthy and Delicious Recipes
  • Live Weekly Q&A's
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Text and Email Support
  • Free Access to All Future Rounds
  •  Audio & Digital Copy of My Book 
12-Week ONE-ON-ONE Coaching
One payment, 12 week access.
  • 12 weekly Phone Calls
  • Grocery Store Tour/Custom Grocery List
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Personal Makeover (Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe)
  • Custom Meal & Exercise Plan
  • Unlimited Text and Email Support
Sarah Roberts
When I got sober, I wasn't prepared for the almost immediate sugar cravings that ensued. Because I lied about my sobriety, telling people I had quit drinking because I'd decided to "get healthy", I knew I'd have to figure out strategies to curb my cravings or else risk being "found out".  I read voraciously on the subject of nutrition. I learned more about addiction and the role of pleasure centres in the brain. I uncovered the inextricable link between my food and my mood, and I learned how managing my stress, prioritizing my sleep and focusing on moving my body worked synergistically to create a lifestyle I no longer wanted to escape from. 

The next 16 years were about building a healthy relationship with myself, and I want to share what I've learned with you. Because what I've learned is that it's not about the food (although that IS part of it, and we DO go there); but rather, it's about what the food represents in our lives. 

Group coaching is a powerful way to be supported when you have made the decision to take your health and wellness to the next level. Being able to connect with others who understand takes the shame and stigma out of admitting we don't have it all figured out. 

I want you to celebrate your life and your health, and together we will help you to feel the kind of joy and freedom you deserve. 

I can't wait to get started!
it's time to do big things!
If you're ready to experience yourself and your life in a whole new way and you want
someone to walk beside you and keep you accountable, then let's work together!
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