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The Bite-Sized Method is a 30-day journey towards your best health, energy, and life.

The goal is to leave the 30 days with EVERYTHING you need to stay on the path and deepen your connection with yourself, living with greater ease and comfort around your body, feeling more capable in the kitchen and in control around food and a soul practice to support you in your journey of falling in love with the only HOME you'll ever have.

You see, 20 years ago my life was a dumpster fire. I was a half-pack-a-day smoker, nightly drinker, late-night junk food binger, people-pleaser and toxic relationship junkie.

20 years ago, if you'd have told me I'd be teaching my own method for living with greater joy and freedom when it comes to food and the body, I wouldn't have believed you. 

And yet, here I am.

And here it is!

The Bite-Sized Method by Sarah Roberts takes you on a 30-day journey into your lifestyle habits and beliefs that have gotten you where you are, and it nudges you, slowly and gently, towards a life you truly, deeply love. A life that FEELS GOOD.
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When I started my journey, I first gave up the thing that was murdering my life; I knew I needed to get sober if I was ever going to survive, and yet within seconds of putting down the wine glass, I picked up the tub of Ben & Jerry's, the bags of chips, the candy, and I'd wake up feeling almost hungover from the sugar. 

I realized I didn't want to simply SURVIVE in my life, I wanted to THRIVE! I wanted to wake up with energy and I didn't want to have to "white-knuckle" my way through my life; I wanted my lifestyle to feel easy and enjoyable. 

I started to make the connection between what I DID and how I FELT and as I learned more about the body and its needs, I started responding to those needs and I started FEELING better. 

💧 More water
🍓 More whole foods
💪 More movement
🥱 Better sleep
📉 Less stress

And as I made these changes, I started FEELING better. And as I started FEELING better, I started LOOKING better, and as I started LOOKING better, I kept FEELING better and over time, my method has simply become my lifestyle.

I am on a mission to help YOU create YOUR ideal lifestyle and I became a certified health coach because I love understanding the science behind my method. But along with all of the research and proof, we need a good dose of magic and "woo" mixed in, so if you're the spiritual type, I've got you! 

Because bringing our dreams to life takes believing in things we can't yet see; it means believing in magic.

YOU are magic, and the world needs what only you can bring. I'd love to help you bring it. ❤️

I'm so proud of the work. Not only the method itself and how I'll be delivering it to you in bite-sized portions that will allow you to avoid overwhelm and TRULY make the changes you want to make in your life, but I'm proud of ME. Proud of myself for continuing on this path, for staying the course, for choosing to die on this hill.

And I'm proud of you. Proud of you for being here and deciding that you want more from this life.

Because our health is our greatest wealth. And when we are healthy--mentally, emotionally and physically--we feel GOOD. And when we feel good, we are better able to make our dreams come true.  

It would be an honor to walk this path alongside you.

Because I want YOU to love YOUR life... one bite at a time.
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About The Bite-Sized Method by Sarah Roberts

The Bite-Sized Method is all about living with greater joy, energy and freedom around food+body. It’s about overcoming the overwhelm and misinformation that's kept us all focused on the wrong things. It's about reimagining what your life could be if only you felt better and had the energy and courage to go after your dreams.

More specifically, The Bite-Sized Method will help you:
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  • see your body in an entirely new way, helping you to cultivate a deep relationship of love, trust and reverence; 
  • release old narratives that have played in a loop in your mind and kept you stuck;
  • identify what you truly, deeply want in your life and set you on a path to achieving your goals;
  • ​ditch diet culture by transforming your beliefs around food, weight, dieting, restriction+deprivation, allowing you to truly find food freedom;
  • ​take daily action steps that will bring you closer to what you truly desire;
  • ​recognize how limiting beliefs have held you back and what's needed to create change;
  • ​become aware of your automatic habits that pull you away from your best life+health;
  • ​push back on Resistance and joyfully do the work (because it feels GOOD to do it!);
  • ​let go of regrets, guilt and shame that keep you from living free
I’m proud of the method. I believe it's what's needed right now, during a time where we are all experiencing the greatest collective trauma we've ever known. We need a new approach; something gentler and more inclusive. One where we love ourselves, rather than berate ourselves, to good health. One where we get to follow a plan while customizing it to our own lives. In the words of Glennon Doyle, I want you to be both "held and free". Held along the journey so you are never alone. Free to choose what works best for YOU.

The Bite-Sized Method combines the BEST of what I've learned personally and professionally throughout my 20 years on a wellness journey and I can't wait for you to experience it!
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How The Method Works

Every day for 30 days, you'll receive an inspirational email from me, straight into your inbox. You'll have assignments to go along with the theme of the day, each one a small "bite" designed to help you live with greater health+energy; a cool tip, a mindset shift, a lifestyle strategy, a new way of thinking about something, everything I believe you'll need to live with greater joy and freedom.

It would be an honor to be YOUR health coach, leading you on this journey. If this feels like the place you need to be, I invite you to heed the call. Register today. 
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Sarah Roberts
Certified Health Coach
As a Certified Health Coach with almost 20 years of cultivating a lifestyle that feels natural inside a body that feels like HOME, my method combines the BEST of what I’ve learned personally and professionally and distills the stuff that actually WORKS; stuff that will help you achieve long-term habits and behaviors and create a lifestyle you LOVE.

It’s awesome. And I can’t wait for you to experience what life can feel like when we take the pressure off ourselves and live free! And remember, you're never left to your own devices. I am with you every step of the way.

It's an honor to go on this journey with you. 
It's time to do big things!
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